Tips for Painting around Staircases

Tips for Painting around StaircasesWhether or not you consider yourself a pro when it comes to the average painting job, painting around a staircase is a whole new ballgame. Edging and cutting in become slightly more difficult when height is added into the mix.

If you’re considering painting the walls around your staircase, it’s important to understand just how that can be done with minimal errors.

Protect Your Staircase

First and foremost, you need the right tools to protect your staircase from painting projects. Cover your stairs with heavy drop cloths that stop paint from seeping through; make sure to cover all parts of the stairs you hope to keep paint-free, including risers. Put painter’s tape around the ends of the stairs where they meet the walls to protect the edges.

Choose the Right Ladder

The fastest way to achieve nice lines on the walls around your staircase is by using a ladder to get as close to the top of the wall as possible. Use an extension ladder to cut in the walls at ceiling edges. Choose a 16 to 24-foot ladder and consider aluminum ladders with adjustable legs for easy height adjustment.

Consider DIY Scaffolding

If desired, create scaffolding with your ladder by leaning it against the top rear wall of your stairwell, letting the bottom rest on the bottom steps. Secure a heavy board that can bear your weight across one of the ladder steps to use as a platform. Keep safety in mind here and only make and use scaffolding when completely comfortable and when someone is present to spot you.

Grab an Extension Pole

Stay grounded and avoid heights altogether by using an extension pole for painting high places. Simply attach your paintbrush or edging tool to the pole and stand on the ground as you let the pole reach the ceiling for edging. Using an extension pole proves difficult when you first attempt it, so be patient and steady to achieve straight lines.

Get Rolling

Edging and cutting in the corners of your walls takes some time to successfully achieve, but next comes the faster part. After edging with your extension pole and paintbrush or ladder, use a roller to finish painting the rest of your staircase walls. Your extension pole will again help you reach the higher parts of the wall and the roller allows you to apply a smooth, even coat to finish off your paint job.

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