Surround Your Staircase with Good Reads

Books Displayed on ShelfHere’s the conundrum that a lot of book lovers face: you have plenty of books, but nowhere to put them. And you have a small space, and not that much room. So what can you do? Well, one of the most overlooked places to maximize space in your dwelling is, in fact, your staircase: it has room below and alongside it that often goes unused.

Books are small and easily storable, making your staircase the perfect fit for your good reads.

Although this woman took drastic measures by painting her steps like classic novels, there are a number of ways you can fit more reads into your staircase. Start first with shelves: if you have a staircase that runs up a wall, then there’s probably some free wall space that isn’t being used. Add a few wooden or metal shelves to that space, and within minutes, you’ll have an entirely new bookshelf. You won’t even need a ladder to pick one out!

Another innovative option is to use the steps themselves. There’s a good chance that your feet don’t take up the entire landing of a staircase, and you only go straight through the middle. So why not take one of the interior lanes of your staircase, and turn it into an escalating bookshelf? You can add books to each step, and have them run up alongside you. Not only is this option useful, but also, your guests will love it. The studious staircase, indeed.

Depending on your staircase build, you can even use the exterior of the staircase as a place for your books. Or build a nook underneath the landing, which is all too often a dead zone. What’s great is that there are endless options with staircases to make them very you. Especially if you’re a book lover.

Although we aren’t in the business of installing bookshelves, at Acadia Stairs we’re happy to work with you to create the customized staircases you’ve always dreamt of. For any questions you may have, contact us today!