Tips for Fitting the Perfect Curved Staircase into Your Home Design

A curved staircase from Acadia Stairs

Integrating a curved staircase into your home isn’t just about adding a functional element; it’s about making a statement of elegance and fluidity in your living space. But it’s not a task that should be undertaken without the right preparation. Here are some key insights on how to seamlessly integrate a curved staircase into your… Read more »

The Best Staircases for Your Log Home

log cabin

Log homes are a stunning masterpiece of truly unique architecture. Built with just as much stability as a traditional home, a log home boasts grand and sophisticated features. Obviously, the log structure is the main focal point of the exterior of a log home. With the inside, however, often times it is the staircase adjoining… Read more »

Adding a Home Staircase? Consider these Four Factors

When designing a home, we often forget how important a staircase can be. It not only brings people throughout the house’s different areas, but its placement can decide what a room looks and feels like to visitors and those who live there. That is why there are four major factors to consider before adding a… Read more »

Reasons to Install Curved Staircases

Contemporary Curved Staircases

If you’re looking to install a customized staircase within your home, consider incorporating a curved staircase into your home. Acadia Stairs offers customized, curved staircases that can help contribute to your home’s overall appearance in a positive way. Curved staircases are undoubtedly elegant and graceful, and they definitely make an impression. Whether you’re hoping to… Read more »

Having A Stairlift To Decrease Chances of Stair Injury

Having A Stairlift To Decrease Chances of Stair Injury

Staircase accidents are one of the most common causes of injuries resulting in disability. Staircase slips and falls are prevalent in both residential and commercial properties. These injuries are not to blame on just steep and many steps, staircase falls occur on wide and limited steps as well. In most staircase related accidents, the following… Read more »

Make Your Restaurants Stairs Stand Out

Make Your Restaurants Stairs Stand Out

There aren’t many more enjoyable ways to enjoy dinner or a drink with friends than on an outdoor patio. They are so popular that now many restaurants and bars now have them as a standard dining option and those businesses that don’t have them are installing them as an upgraded addition. However, the most overlooked… Read more »