Staircase Safety: Top Tips to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

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While staircases add elegance and a design focal point to our homes and businesses, they can also be a potential source of accidents if not properly managed. Slip and fall incidents on staircases can lead to serious injuries. Thankfully, many of these accidents can be prevented with a few safety measures. Let’s dive into the… Read more »

Staircase Safety for Kids

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If you have kids, you want to keep them as safe as possible. However, younger kids often have difficulty navigating staircases. Even older children can have accidents when they rush up or down the stairs.  Below are some pointers on how you can make staircase safe for your kids: Use the Buddy System Having someone… Read more »

The Most Common Problems for Staircases

Staircases can take wear and tear just like any other architectural structure in your house or property. However, some problems appear more often than others. Here, we discuss some of the most common staircase problems you should keep on eye on with your own staircase: Damaged treads and ballusters Some staircase treads are in usable… Read more »

5 Ways to Make Your Staircase Safer

5 Ways to Make Your Staircase Safer

Most of us have taken a small tumble down the stairs at least once in our lives. Usually this is just a case of our own clumsiness, but other times it’s because we haven’t taken the necessary precautions to make our staircases safer. As well-built as a staircase may be, it’s always best to follow… Read more »

Tips for Home Staircase Safety

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The stairs in your home can be dangerous if they are not properly used and maintained. This is especially important if you have any children or elders living in your household. Acadia Stairs has compiled some basic safety tips to help make the stairs in your home as safe as possible. Free of Clutter One… Read more »

Staircase Safety for Kids this Holiday Season

Clean Stairs

With the holiday season quickly approaching, you’ll likely have plenty of visitors coming in and out of your home. As you are decking the halls, it is important to make sure your house will be safe for young children that visit, especially your staircase. Below are some pointers on how you can make staircase safe… Read more »