Famous Movie Scenes that Feature Staircases

When we’re designing or creating the staircases of our dreams, we often think past to examples we’ve seen in our personal lives or perhaps even in pop culture. Since their beginning, films have long featured staircases of all shapes, and sizes, many of which have since become legendary. Acadia Stairs is highlighting a few symbolic… Read more »

Derail Your Typical Thoughts About Staircases

Yes, that headline was pun-intended. A crucial part of a stunning staircase is a staircase railing. What would a staircase be without them? Across the world, there are incredibly unique staircase railing designs out there that redefine what a staircase railing can be. Here’s a few of our favorite staircase railings! Glass Finish Staircase Railing… Read more »

Trending Tiny Staircases Make a Big Statement

Since the start of the Middle Ages, young tradespeople in France called “compagnons” have spent years mastering their crafts in a secretive and mysterious fashion. Those interested in working with materials like stone, metal, leather, textiles, and often traveled to learn skills from masters in their field. And at the end of the process, they… Read more »

Surround Your Staircase with Good Reads

Here’s the conundrum that a lot of book lovers face: you have plenty of books, but nowhere to put them. And you have a small space, and not that much room. So what can you do? Well, one of the most overlooked places to maximize space in your dwelling is, in fact, your staircase: it… Read more »

In the Acadia Stairs Spotlight: The Living Staircase

Here at Acadia Stairs, we like to think that the right staircase design can be more than inspiring. It can breathe new life into a stale space while giving you a brand-new perspective. Acadia Stairs loves highlighting staircase designs that we believe take the “extra step,” showing people what staircases can really do for a… Read more »

Why Consider Choosing a Steel Tread

You’ve made the decision: it’s time to build a new staircase. You know what design you want, how it’ll fit into your space, and the purpose that it’ll serve. But you’re left with one lingering question: what material are you going to use for the tread? While there are several different tread options to choose… Read more »

Signs You Should Replace Your Old Staircase

A staircase is an essential part of any home, office, or building. But like anything else, it ages over time, and can become a hazard or blight to keep it standing. Eventually, it comes time to replace your old staircase and replace it with something brand new. But when do you know that time has… Read more »

New Trends and Best Treads for Outdoor Staircases

Not only does installing an outdoor staircase provide you with a functional staircase it also provides the exterior of your home with an attractive focal point. Although it’s important to install a functional staircase, you also want it to look good. A spiral staircase, which Acadia Stairs is very familiar with, is currently trending as… Read more »

Tips for Painting around Staircases

Whether or not you consider yourself a pro when it comes to the average painting job, painting around a staircase is a whole new ballgame. Edging and cutting in become slightly more difficult when height is added into the mix. If you’re considering painting the walls around your staircase, it’s important to understand just how… Read more »

Timber Staircase in London Rises to Fame

At Acadia Stairs, we firmly believe that a stair’s design can be enchanting; think of the grand staircases from the Victorian Era, or the staircase leading up to a national monument such as the Lincoln Memorial. These staircases present a vision of grandeur and sophistication that captures our imagination and inspires us. Acadia Stairs is… Read more »