Increase The Value Of Your Property With A New Staircase

How a New Staircase Can Improve Your Home’s Value

  Increasing the value of your home isn’t as arduous of a task as many articles and television shows make it out to be. It does take a bit of effort and research to figure out which investments would be ideal for increasing your home’s market value. However, you don’t have to make a million… Read more »

How to Choose Staircase Railings for Your Home

When you install a new, custom staircase in your home, you should never neglect one of its most important features: the railing. Railings can make your staircase safer while also enhancing its overall aesthetic. But how do you choose the right railing for your staircase and home? Read on to learn more: Consider your home’s… Read more »

The Benefits of Anti-Skid Products

In your home or office, safety should be your number one priority. Injuries from unsafe stairwells are commonly reported, whether it happens in a commercial building or within the four walls of your home. While accidents may always happen, they can be easily prevented. Anti-skid products can help people stay safe while navigating their home… Read more »

The Advantages of Spiral Staircases for Businesses

Staircases play more than one role. Aside from providing access to various floors, they also serve as a focal point when décor is lacking or is need to be kept at a minimum. For businesses that operate on more than one floor, you need a durable and easy to access staircase for personnel to use…. Read more »

Simple Staircase Exercises

During the wintertime, it can be tough to get in your exercise routine. You can’t run outside, and a gym membership always seems to expensive. But what if we told you that you had a great exercise tool already in your home?  Indeed, staircases can be an easy and free way to get your steps… Read more »

Is Powder Coating Right for You?

Powder coating uses a dry powder, sprayed from an electrostatic gun, to paint and color various surfaces. It is durable, customizable, and requires little maintenance. As a result, many people use powder coating for their projects. However, powder coating may not be necessary for all situations. Here, we discuss a few signs that can tell… Read more »

The Most Common Problems for Staircases

Staircases can take wear and tear just like any other architectural structure in your house or property. However, some problems appear more often than others. Here, we discuss some of the most common staircase problems you should keep on eye on with your own staircase: Damaged treads and ballusters Some staircase treads are in usable… Read more »

3 Ways to Design Your Staircase Landing Space

A staircase landing is an area of floor that can be at the bottom, top, or partway up a flight of stairs. Top landings are usually where the upstairs rooms are accessed, and there can often be a lot of voided space there. When a landing is partway up the stairs, it enables a smooth… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Spiral Staircases

When you decide on a new staircase for your home, there are several options to choose from. Spiral staircases have a rich history, dating back thousands of years. Their unique aesthetic and designs are eye-catching and stylish, but they might have some drawbacks depending on your living situation.   Here are some pros and cons… Read more »

How to Decorate Your Staircase for the Holidays

The holidays are almost upon us. So, while you’re decorating your home for the holidays, don’t forget to decorate your staircase too! A well-decorated staircase can create a welcoming atmosphere for all of the guests you’ll be inviting over for the next two months. But how, exactly, should you decorate your stairs? It’s up to… Read more »