Decorating with Mixed Metals

Custom Staircases

For many years, decorating your home was about finding things that matched one another: from metals to couch colors. However, modern décor encourages mixing different styles of décor together, including different metals. If you’re getting a customized metal staircase, you don’t need to match the rest of your metals to the one you’ve chosen. In… Read more »

Decorate Your Staircase with Gardens

Outside Decor

If you’re feeling a little uninspired when it comes to the design of your staircase, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, there’s an easy fix that can make it much more interesting—decorate with a garden! Decorating your staircase with a garden can create a trendy, summer space and update your staircase in an instant. Balcony Container… Read more »

Decorating Surrounding Staircase Space

photo frames on wall

If you’ve purchased a customized staircase from Acadia Stairs, the next step is decorating the space surrounding it. Often times, the wall of a staircase can be hard to decorate but doing so can add more personality and personal taste into your home. Consider Decorating the Landing If your staircase has a larger landing in… Read more »

Accentuate The Wall Beneath Your Staircase

The area surrounding the bottom of your staircase can be an awkward one to decorate, but when you have a gorgeous, custom designed stairway in your home or business, you want it to look its best! And accenting it with the right furniture and art is the perfect way to do so. Depending on your… Read more »

Five Ways to Build Storage into Your Staircase

Regardless of the size of your home, there will come a time when you feel like you just don’t have enough storage space. Whether it is because you have an extensive and ever growing collection of books or because all three of your children have recently returned home from college, a little bit of extra… Read more »

Add a Touch of Style to Your Staircase Landing

bookshelf at top of stairs

When it comes to decorating your home, one area that often goes overlooked is the staircase landing. A cozy little spot perfect for displaying art or curling up with a good book, there are so many possibility to consider. When deciding how you would like to style your staircase landing, Acadia Stairs recommends accentuating the… Read more »

Get Your Stairs Ready For Fall

Get Your Stairs Ready For Fall

With the summer coming to end soon, that means Fall will be in full effect bringing changing leaves and dropping temperatures. Yet, just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean your home has to reflect it. This year, liven up your home by decorating your interior stairs. Make Your Stairs Come Alive! One cool… Read more »

Make Your Restaurants Stairs Stand Out

Make Your Restaurants Stairs Stand Out

There aren’t many more enjoyable ways to enjoy dinner or a drink with friends than on an outdoor patio. They are so popular that now many restaurants and bars now have them as a standard dining option and those businesses that don’t have them are installing them as an upgraded addition. However, the most overlooked… Read more »

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas For Your Stairs

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas For Your Stairs Pumpkins

Thanksgiving can sometimes be an overlooked holiday, but it can be just as ornamental as any other festivity or special day! Staircases are obviously built to be functional for getting from one floor to another in your home or business, but they are also a great place to add a decorative touch. Especially when you… Read more »