Custom Spiral Staircase Design And Applications (Videos)

With a staircase that needs to be designed or custom made, a customer could be interested in putting a staircase in their older house or find a solution to a new home or commercial property’s addition. For example a need for a convenient and easier way to traverse from their porch to the backyard without… Read more »

How To Carpet Your Stair Treads

Stairs come in all shapes and sizes. Spiral staircase that is located outside your home, straight with a stringer, curved with a side stringer, the possibilities and combinations can be mind boggling. Then the options for treads can be interesting as well. Choosing between stainless steel or steel, wood, glass, stone, one of the other… Read more »

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas For Your Stairs

Thanksgiving can sometimes be an overlooked holiday, but it can be just as ornamental as any other festivity or special day! Staircases are obviously built to be functional for getting from one floor to another in your home or business, but they are also a great place to add a decorative touch. Especially when you… Read more »

Behind-the-Scenes to Making a Modern Staircase

There are so many great choices available for staircase design in your home that it’s like being a kid in a candy store; you aren’t sure which one you want. When building a new house in particular, you need to know all the staircase options that you can have in used in your home or… Read more »

The World’s Longest Staircase – 2015 Niesen Treppenlauf

In your love of stairs, have you ever decided to check out the fabled Guinness Book of Records acclaimed world’s longest staircase in Switzerland? Mount Niesen in the Swiss Alps hosts this 11,674 step staircase, which leads visitors to the top of the 1643 meter (5,390 ft) pyramid-shaped mountain. Found atop of the mountain is… Read more »

Staircases In Movies (Videos)

Stairs have made visual impacts on your life in more ways than one. Ghostbusters, Gone with the Wind, Rocky, Home Alone, Psycho, The Untouchables and The Shining. These movies all have something in common and it’s not just that they have great acting and are some legendary movies of their generation. The common theme in… Read more »

Stairs Are Fun! (Videos)

In the last blog we touched on how there’s a new staircase building boom and that using the stairs is proven to be healthy for you. Well what if you could have fun using the stairs? Who remembers how much fun running a Slinky up and down the stairs was as a child? A simple… Read more »

Stairs Aren’t Just For Looks

For stair lovers, they can name their favorite visually appealing or architectural staircase masterpieces around the world. Staircases have such an enthusiastic and extraordinary following that there are even websites showcasing unique staircases or designs, so that the staircase lover can bathe in the glory of the stair. Stairs were the obvious choice for many… Read more »

Choosing the Right Finish for Your Stairs

Many factors can come into effect before the completion of your stairs. First is deciding on the type of stairs, custom design manufacturing, measurement and placement, and finally the finish of the stairs. The finish is the cherry on top that makes the eye drawn to its uniqueness and appeal. There are a myriad of… Read more »

Railing Designs for Your Staircase

Staircases for your home or business can be quite the decision. A lot of thought should go into what type of staircase do you want; fun or functional, size, shape, and tread. All those options can be deciding factors when constructing a new staircase or revamping your old one to be more viable in everyday… Read more »