One Staircase With Awe Inspiring Views Might Become No More

The islands of Hawaii are known for their exquisite beauty and legendary tropical resorts. The Aloha State is viewed as paradise by the state’s many visitors, another name could be The Big Island. Regardless of what you call it; Oahu has had its fair share of tourists and many have the pleasure of trying to… Read more »

A Staircase with Romantic Design and Significance

Destination weddings can be very unique and for those involved, special, because they can take place almost anywhere. Perhaps the destination is where the bride and groom met, most romantic city to the bride (Paris or Rome), where they want to vacation or honeymoon at (Caribbean or Virgin Islands) or in a place where they… Read more »

Indoor Cat Playground Equipped With Staircases & More

For years pet owners have showering their animals with gifts, toys, treats and more because of the reciprocal unconditionally love they get in return. Some owners can be considered crazy cat ladies, be that crazy dog person going above and beyond to carry their dogs in purses or even as far as to treat their… Read more »

The Staircase Walk of Fame: Unique Staircases Found Around The World

Staircases are often seen as means of access, the construction is for a person or object to get from one floor to the next. However, the lovers of spectacular architecture and nature, view these stairs as more than a structure to climb without notice. We have compiled a list of some of the most unique,… Read more »

Custom Spiral Staircase Design And Applications (Videos)

With a staircase that needs to be designed or custom made, a customer could be interested in putting a staircase in their older house or find a solution to a new home or commercial property’s addition. For example a need for a convenient and easier way to traverse from their porch to the backyard without… Read more »

Tips And Ideas For Staircase Remodeling

Staircases can take wear and tear just like any other architectural structure in your house or property. After a while the deterioration of your staircase will come to a point where the decision must be made; repair, remodel or replace. Most of the time, the answer to this quandary can be dependent on the structures… Read more »

How To Carpet Your Stair Treads

Stairs come in all shapes and sizes. Spiral staircase that is located outside your home, straight with a stringer, curved with a side stringer, the possibilities and combinations can be mind boggling. Then the options for treads can be interesting as well. Choosing between stainless steel or steel, wood, glass, stone, one of the other… Read more »

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas For Your Stairs

Thanksgiving can sometimes be an overlooked holiday, but it can be just as ornamental as any other festivity or special day! Staircases are obviously built to be functional for getting from one floor to another in your home or business, but they are also a great place to add a decorative touch. Especially when you… Read more »