Having A Stairlift To Decrease Chances of Stair Injury

Staircase accidents are one of the most common causes of injuries resulting in disability. Staircase slips and falls are prevalent in both residential and commercial properties. These injuries are not to blame on just steep and many steps, staircase falls occur on wide and limited steps as well. In most staircase related accidents, the following… Read more »

A Fun And Creative Thing To Do With Stairs

The purpose of a staircase is obvious; it is a means for going from one floor to the next. With a staircase, you can get creative with the design in terms of type, whether straight or spiral, detailed banister and steps, wood or metal, and so on. You can take the creativity one step further… Read more »

How to Take Charge of Your Home’s Pool Fence

There are times when chores around the house need to be taken care of, not tomorrow or later but taken care of now! Be a good homeowner, take charge of projects in and around your home, creating results. This happens to be one of the most therapeutic and self-rewarding endeavors that one can achieve, especially… Read more »

Ready-To-Go Spiral Staircases For Your Business’s Storage Garage

Outfitting a storage garage to fit your needs while also utilizing the space you have available and keeping everything neat and organized can be tricky, and custom storage shelving can be expensive. Thankfully, we have an alternative solution that can help you make the most of your split-level storage space, without breaking the bank. The… Read more »

Short on Space? Consider A Spiral Staircase For Your Office

Staircases play more than one role. Aside from providing access to various floors, they also serve as a focal point when decor is lacking or is need to be kept at a minimum. For businesses that operate on more than one floor, you need a durable and easy to access staircase for personnel to use…. Read more »

Getting A Rustic Look With Pan Stairs In Your Log Home

Log homes are a stunning masterpiece of truly unique architecture. Built with just as much stability as a traditional home, a log home boasts grand and sophisticated features. Obviously the log structure is the main focal point of the exterior of a log home. With the inside however, often times it is the staircase adjoining… Read more »

Connect Your Home With A Ship Ladder

When it comes to the stairs in our home, they serve a very simple purpose: they get us from one floor to the next. However, specific areas in our home could benefit from having another set of stairs put in. Places such as a loft, crawl space or even the bunk beds of your little… Read more »

Make Your Restaurants Stairs Stand Out

There aren’t many more enjoyable ways to enjoy dinner or a drink with friends than on an outdoor patio. They are so popular that now many restaurants and bars now have them as a standard dining option and those businesses that don’t have them are installing them as an upgraded addition. However, the most overlooked… Read more »

Choosing The Double Stringer Staircase For Your Company’s Basement Stairs

For companies that operate on more than one floor, there will be a heightened need for relying heavily on strong stairs connecting the various floors. For company basements, where many of the work performance takes place, there needs to be a strong foundation in a staircase as well as a staircase that is aesthetically pleasing…. Read more »